Fellow of ABET

The ABET Fellow Award was established by our Board of Directors in 1988 to recognize individuals who have given sustained, meaningful service to applied science, computing, engineering, or engineering technology education and to their respective professions through their work in accreditation.

The following criteria are used in the selection process:

  • Impacting contributions to ABET, such as
    • improvement of the accreditation process;
    • creative work to enhance our relationship with societies, universities, institutes, industry, government, and the public;
    • Inspiring leadership that positively affects technical education.
  • Formal volunteer involvement in ABET as a program evaluator, commission member, committee member, and/or representative director for at least five years.
  • Participation as a member of ABET review teams and contributions to the criteria, policies, and/or procedures related to accreditation, whether through ABET or through participating society activity.
  • Service in an ABET capacity in addition to the commissions.

A maximum of five candidates are presented annually to our Board of Directors by the Awards Committee. Awardees are informed of the selection in September and are honored at awards ceremony held in conjunction with the fall meeting of the Board of Directors.


    • Nominations are accepted year-round.
    • The deadline for nomination forms and references is May 31.



Karan L. Watson
Winston F. Erevelles


Douglas R. Bowman
David P. Kelly


Barbara A. Price
Carol A. Richardson


Warren R. Hill
Patrick J. Walsh
William J. Wepfer


Henry R. Bauer, III
Gerald Engel
Michael S. Leonard
Gayle Yaverbaum


Daniel J. Bradley
Robert L. Cannon
William E. Kelly


Richard O. Anderson
Lawrence G. Jones
Arthur L. Price
Kay G. Schulze
Mary Leigh Wolfe


Mario J. Gonzalez
Daniel B. Hodge
Robert M. Laurenson
Carl J. McHargue
Mark A. Pagano


Della T. Bonnette
Phillip E. Borrowman
Daina M. Briedis
Susan O. Schall
A. Joseph Turner


Patricia D. Daniels
Robert A. Herrick
David K. Holger
Doris K. Lidtke


Susan E. Conry
Larry A. Kaye
Larry D. Nixon
Stuart H. Zweben


Theodore A. Bickart
David E. Hornbeck
C.R. “Chuck” Pennoni


E. Franklin Hart


W. David Baker
Joseph L. Sussman


Carl D. Avers
William G. Howard
James R. Welty


Donald K. Anderson
Fred W. Emshousen
Ira D. Jacobson
Stanley I. Proctor


M. Dayne Aldridge
Joseph A. Glad
Richard C. Seagrave


Robert English
Jay Goldman


Edward A. Parrish
Sam H. Wainwright
John A. Weese


William S. Clark
James D. McBrayer
Elinor S. Pape
Christian E. G. Przirembel


John T. Christian
Larry R. Foulke
Allen I. Ormsbee
Robert E. Schmidt
Richard F. Strickland


L. Bryce Andersen
Eleanor Baum
Francis J. Cashin
Demetrius T. Paris
Lee W. Saperstein


Jerrier A. Haddad
Raymond F. Neathery
Arnold M. Peskin
George D. Peterson
Winfred M. Phillips


Leslie F. Benmark
John W. Enell
Durward R. Huffman
Robert H. Page
V. Thomas Rhyne
Roland E. Thomas


Frank E. Cotton
Robert L. Echols, Sr.
L.S. “Skip” Fletcher
Albert T. Kersich


Robert R. Furgason
Robert D. Kersten
Ralph A. Morgen
David R. Reyes-Guerra
Lawrence J. Wolf


George C. Beakley
Stephen R. Cheshier
C.B. Gambrell
Edwin C. Jones
J.B. Jones
Russel C. Jones
Harriet B. Rigas
Robert L. Seale
Leighton E. Sissom
David R. Wilder


Paul Allmendinger
Robert B. Beckmann
Stanley M. Brodsky
George Burnet
Richard G. Cunningham
Richard P. D’Onofrio
E. Leon Dunning
Edward W. Ernst
Richard Forberg
Lyman L. Francis
Gordon H. Geiger
Donald W. Gentry
Joseph J. Gershon
Richard Grace
Linton E. Grinter
Arnold J. Gully
Carl Hall
Newman A. Hall
Walter Hartung
Richard R. Hazen
W. Scott Hill
Charles V. Kirkpatrick
James G. Knudsen
Melvin R. Lohmann
Hugh E. McCallick
Gordon H. Millar
James H. Mulligan, Jr.
Gene M. Nordby
Irene C. Peden
Kenneth G. Picha
John W. Prados
Robert L. Reid
Paul E. Russell
Leo W. Ruth
William M. Sangster
Robert M. Saunders
Walter E. Thomas
James P. Todd
Richard J. Ungrodt
David A. VanHorn
Leland J. Walker
Ernst Weber
Ronald J. Williams
Robert L. Young