Historical Documents

These documents describe landmark events and discussions in ABET history.

Engineering Change: A Study of the Impact of EC2000 >
Highlights the findings of Engineering Change, a comprehensive study on the impact of ABET’s outcomes-based accreditation criteria on engineering programs and their graduates. Study conducted by the Penn State Center for the Study of Higher Education. Full report and executive summary available.

Sustaining the Change: A Follow-Up Report to the Vision for Change >
This report is an important update on the accreditation criteria, participation, and process reform begun by ABET in 1994. Includes background and current status of the reform, as well as detailed observations and recommendations for improvement of ABET constituencies.

Viewpoints: Issues of Accreditation in Higher Education
Includes the Issue of Accreditation in Higher Education, Continuing Education, Diversity, and Dual-Level Accreditation

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