Submitting Interim Review Reports

ABET requires that a program submit a report in lieu of a self-study when requesting any type of interim review.

The report describes in detail the actions the program has taken to address the shortcomings: Deficiencies, Weaknesses, and/or Concerns, remaining in the previous Final Statement to the Institution.

The institution should prepare a single report that contains a section for each program for which an interim review is required.

If an interim review is required by more than one Commission for the set of programs from your institution, then a separate report should be prepared for each Commission, reflecting the previous Final Statement from that Commission.

An interim review typically uses the accreditation criteria in effect at the time of the previous comprehensive review. However, a program may elect to base its interim review on criteria in effect at the time of the interim review.

To begin an interim review, the program submits a Request for Evaluation (RFE) by January 31st in order to secure a review in the same calendar year. The format for the report is the prerogative of the institution/program and depends upon the nature of the shortcoming(s) addressed and the information provided.

  • Address shortcomings concisely in the same order as they appeared in the most recent Final Statement to the Institution.
  • Provide context to the shortcomings as the Team Chair performing the interim review will not have access to the self-study report from the previous General Review.
  • For each shortcoming, address all points cited in the Final Statement for that shortcoming. Limit attachments to essentials.
  • Limit attachments to essentials.

No email submission permitted. No hard copy submission will be accepted. One copy of the Report should be submitted electronically on CD, DVD, or data stick to ABET Headquarters by July 1. The copy sent to ABET Headquarters should be addressed to:

Accreditation Department
415 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Attn: ANSAC, CAC, EAC, or ETAC (whichever is appropriate)

Copies of the Report should also be forwarded directly to the assigned Team Chair by July 1 if you have been provided their contact information by then. Otherwise, the Report should be forwarded to them as soon as you have been advised of their contact information.

Team Chairs are typically assigned in May. If your institution has both an Interim Report and Interim Visit review from the same Commission, the same Team Chair from that Commission will review the Interim Report and lead the visit team. Program evaluators for the interim visit will be assigned in the usual manner and copies of the Interim Report will be provided upon direction by the Team Chair.

If you have any questions, contact the Senior Director, Accreditation Operations at accreditation@abet.org.