After the Accreditation Process

After the
Accreditation Process

Promote Your Accreditation >

Once your program has been notified of the accreditation action, you should review the dos and don’ts of releasing accreditation information in Section II.A of the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual before promoting a program’s accreditation.

Revisits, Reconsiderations and Appeals >

Programs that receive Not-to-Accredit (NA) actions may be candidates for appeals, reconsiderations, and immediate re-visits.

Reporting Program Changes >

Accredited programs are responsible for notifying ABET of any changes that might impact a program’s compliance with our accreditation criteria or policies.


We review all complaints received from any source, including students, against an accredited program or its institution or ABET itself. Complaints must be in writing with the complainant’s name.


If you have questions, please contact our Accreditation Department.