Fees for Programs Inside the U.S.

We offer accreditation at the lowest possible cost. These are the fees in place for the 2018-2019 cycle.

Be aware that all invoices are billed per commission and due net 30 days. After that, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% will be added. Non-payment of any fee may result in cancellation of visits and/or removal of a program from ABET’s List of Accredited Programs.

Readiness Reviews

Fee for each program reviewed $1,000

What is the Readiness Review?

On-Site Reviews

Base fee for an on-site review $3,250
Fee for each program evaluator (PEV) $3,250
Additional Fees
One evaluator reviewing two programs $345
Extra day, per program evaluator $345
Visit to off-campus location, per location $345

What is the On-Site Review?

Cancellation Fees for On-site Reviews

Cancellation fees will be charged when an institution cancels an on-site review. The cancellation fee is a percentage of the base fee. Individual programs may be canceled without penalty if the on-site review itself is not canceled.

Prior to June 1 10% of Total Invoice
June 1- June 30 15% of Total Invoice
July 1 – August 15 25% of Total Invoice
After August 15 50% of Total Invoice
After travel has commenced No Refund
Non-refundable travel costs Actual cost incurred

Interim Reviews

In some cases, the results of an on-site review may call for an interim report. This does not require an additional on-site review.

Fee for each program reviewed $1,720

Program Termination Fees

Fee for program termination visit only
(if no other programs are being evaluated)
Program termination visit additional fee
(if other programs are being evaluated)
Fee for program termination report evaluation
(no on-site visit required)

Annual Maintenance

This fee covers the upkeep of accreditation data files, review of institutional materials, and the publication and distribution of annual lists of accredited programs.

Base fee per campus per commission $690
Fee for accredited program at each campus  $690

Annual Curricular Fees
(for non-traditional programs)

Normally, curricular fees are paid by the society assigned curricular responsibility for the program. However, any program without a lead society is responsible for paying these fees directly.

Per accredited program $250