Show Cause and
Not-to-Accredit Actions

The following programs did not comply with the appropriate criteria to receive ABET accreditation.

Please contact the specific program, if you have any questions about why a decision was reached.

Show Cause Report (SCR)

The show cause action means that a currently accredited program has one or more deficiencies that will require a progress report to evaluate remedial actions taken by the program. This action has a typical duration of two years. This action cannot follow a previous Show Cause action for the same deficiency or deficiencies.

2015-2016 Show Cause Report Actions

Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
Civil Engineering (BS)
Electronics Engineer (BSEE)

Louisiana State University and A & M College
Computer Engineering (BS)

Wilkes University
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)


Not to Accredit Actions (NA)

The Not-to-Accredit Action means that the program has deficiencies and is thus not in compliance with the applicable criteria. This action is usually taken only after a SCR or SCV review or the review of a new, unaccredited program. Accreditation is not extended as a result of this action. This is the only action that can be appealed. See Appeals, Reconsiderations, and Immediate Re-Visits

2015-2016 Not-to-Accredit Actions

Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
Biochemical Engineer (BSEVE)
Computer Systems Engineer (BSCpE)
Statistical Industrial Engineer (BSIE)

Jackson State University
Electrical Engineering (BSEE)