Readiness Review

What is the Readiness review?

The Readiness Review ensures that your program is prepared for the accreditation review process before investing the time and resources for the on-site visit.

If your program is seeking initial accreditation and is housed in an institution with no currently ABET-accredited programs in your commission, you will be required to undergo a Readiness Review prior to submitting a formal Request for Evaluation (RFE).


  1. Request a Readiness Review (RREv) – Inform ABET of your intent by completing the online RREv (one per commission) before September 1.
  2. Preliminary Self-Study Report – Submit one Preliminary Self-Study Report along with one transcript per program by October 1 of the year before you plan to submit a Request for Evaluation (RFE).
  3. Transcript – Include a scanned copy of one graduate’s official transcript from the most recent graduating class with the Preliminary Self-Study Report by October 1. All materials must be submitted electronically to ReadinessReview@abet.org.

No RREv or Preliminary Self-Study Report will be accepted after the October 1 deadline. An RREv submitted by October 1 without the required preliminary Self-Study Report and transcript will not be considered.


Use the most up-to-date Self-Study Questionnaire: Template (DOC) for your accreditation commission. These templates are released in August each year. If your program begins preparing for the Preliminary Self-Study Report before the new template is available, you can use the most current version for initial drafts, but should transfer the draft text into the new version once it becomes available in August.

The Preliminary Self-Study Report submitted for the Readiness Review should cover the required sections as completely as possible. Please refer to the Information for Programs Requesting Readiness Review (PDF) for:

  • A Readiness Review timeline
  • Guidance on preparing a Preliminary Self-Study Report
  • Information on Readiness Review outcomes
  • Post-Readiness Review options for institutions/programs


Your program may receive one of three non-binding recommendations as the outcome of a Readiness Review:

  1. A recommendation to submit the Request for Evaluation (RFE) in the immediate upcoming accreditation review cycle.
  2.  A recommendation to postpone the RFE submission unless substantive changes in the Self-Study preparation and documentation are made.
  3. A recommendation not to submit the RFE in the immediate upcoming accreditation review cycle because it is likely to be rejected.

If your program completes a Readiness Review and continues in the review process, please note that you must update the Self-Study Reports before submitting the final Self-Study Report by the July 1 deadline.


The fee for a Readiness Review is US $1,000 per program for a given commission.


Section I.C.5.b. of the most up-to-date Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) offers detailed instructions and policies related to the Readiness Review. If you have questions, please contact our Readiness Review Committee.