Advanced Program Assessment

Upcoming Workshop

Held in conjunction with the 2015 ABET Symposium 

Workshop Description

Prerequisite: ABET's Fundamentals of Program Assessment Workshop or ABET's Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership (IDEAL).

Before attending this workshop, participants should be able to develop program educational objectives, use performance indicators to make student outcomes measurable, create scoring rubrics, and be familiar with different assessment methods. The Fundamentals of Program Assessment workshop covers all these topics.

Program assessment requires and consumes a great deal of energy. Consequently, there is a high risk that assessment efforts will stall if the appropriate framework is not in place. A strong framework helps faculty to see the practice as worthwhile (data is being used to make objective decisions), taken seriously by the institution, and likely to be productive with improvements in student knowledge and skills. Assessment and institutional leaders have the responsibility of implementing a process that maintains the trust of faculty, uses their time effectively and responsibly and, most importantly, results in program improvement.

During the Advanced Program Assessment workshop, participants work in small groups to critique performance indicators, undergo rubric calibration training, critique assessment processes, and engage in exercises centered on data visualization and evaluation. Participants will leave the workshop with the ability to apply what they learned within the context of their own program.

Participants leave the workshop able to:

  • Design a sustainable assessment process
  • Assess professional and technical student skills
  • Identify potential strategies for program improvement
  • Engage faculty in the assessment process

Here is a brief outline of the day:

  • Welcome & Intro
  • Principles of Student Learning
  • Rubrics
  • Curriculum Mapping (Who, What, When)
  • Maximizing the Evaluation Process


$495, includes lunch and all materials

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Originally, "ABET" stood for "the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology." The organization changed its name to simply "ABET" in 2005.