Allison Guettner

Allison Guettner

University of Texas at San Antonio
Graduate, B.S. Civil Engineering

I’m not sure if I knew much about ABET when choosing an undergraduate institution, but I do want to be sure that the graduate school I attend is ABET-accredited. The ABET-accredited Civil Engineering Program at UTSA is fairly young compared to most universities, but it is constantly growing and improving.

I saw vast changes take place over the four years that I spent there. It is still small enough to

learn on a personal level, but also large enough to be a strong competitor and present its students with great opportunities. I know that I have gotten a quality education that I can now rely and build on.

ABET Facts

What Does ABET Stand For?

Originally, "ABET" stood for "the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology." The organization changed its name to simply "ABET" in 2005.