Allison Guettner

Allison Guettner

University of Texas at San Antonio
Graduate, B.S. Civil Engineering

I’m not sure if I knew much about ABET when choosing an undergraduate institution, but I do want to be sure that the graduate school I attend is ABET-accredited. The ABET-accredited Civil Engineering Program at UTSA is fairly young compared to most universities, but it is constantly growing and improving.

I saw vast changes take place over the four years that I spent there. It is still small enough to

learn on a personal level, but also large enough to be a strong competitor and present its students with great opportunities. I know that I have gotten a quality education that I can now rely and build on.

ABET Facts

Accredited Programs at Women’s Colleges

Smith College was the first women's college to have an ABET-accredited program. Its engineering science program has been accredited since 2003.