Assessment Planning Resources

This page provides practical resources to support your program assessment planning process related to the following ABET Accreditation Criteria:

  • ABET Criteria 2: Program Educational Objectives
  • ABET Criteria 3: Student Outcomes
  • ABET Criteria 4: Continuous Improvement

ABET 2010-2011 Assessment Webinar Series

Learn how to improve your program assessment processes, prepare for an ABET evaluation visit, and develop your self-study while you save time and travel costs through ABET’s Webinar Series. All of our webinars are free! 

Assessment Planning Tools

Use these assessment tools for program assessment planning.

Assessment Planning Articles

Participate in ABET’s Assessment Events

  • Program Assessment Workshops
    Develop your program assessment skills in this one-day workshop. Participants will broaden their understanding of the continuous quality improvement of student learning through the design of assessment processes, development of measurable learning outcomes and application of data collection methods.
  • The ABET Symposium
    The Symposium features more than 60 peer-reviewed sessions on assessment and accreditation processes, as well as Pre-Symposium Workshops featuring assessment topics.
  • The Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership (IDEAL)
    IDEAL provides a professional development opportunity for those responsible for leading program assessment at their institutions.

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ABET Facts

Accredited Programs at Women’s Colleges

Smith College was the first women's college to have an ABET-accredited program. Its engineering science program has been accredited since 2003.