Fundamentals of Program Assessment – New Orleans, LA


Part of the 123rd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition

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This one-day workshop is for those who are new to program assessment. The interactive sessions focus on designing program educational objectives, making student outcomes measurable, creating rubrics, and analyzing assessment data. More >

Focusing primarily on ABET Criterion 2: Program Educational Objectives, Criterion 3: Student Outcomes, and Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement, you will leave this workshop prepared to:

  • Identify key elements of a functional assessment process.
  • Clarify the similarities and differences between course and program assessment.
  • Make student outcomes measurable with the development of performance indicators.
  • Understand the methods and measures to assess student outcomes.
  • Develop rubrics to assist in evaluating student performance in achieving student outcomes.
  • Understand the pros and cons of various data collection methods.

Registration is a reduced $175, but you have to be registered for the ASEE Annual Conference and Expo to sign up for the workshop.

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New Orleans Convention Center, Room 244

900 Convention Center Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70130,

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Jennifer “Jenny” Amos, Ph.D.

Jennifer “Jenny” Amos, Ph.D., joined the Bioengineering Department at the University of Illinois in 2009 and is currently a Teaching Associate Professor in Bioengineering and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Educational Psychology. She received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina.

Amos has dedicated her career to engineering education research and researches k-12 outreach programs, integrating social science into engineering, as well as assessment methods.  She completed a Fulbright Program at Ecole Centrale de Lille in France to benchmark and help create a new hybrid masters program combining medicine and engineering and also has led multiple curricular initiative in Bioengineering and the College of Engineering on several NSF funded projects. In 2017, she joined the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine as Director of Assessment and Evaluation to help form the curriculum and assessment plans for this engineering-based college of medicine.

Amos has been a PEV for the Biomedical Engineering Society since 2012, is an IDEAL Scholar 2011 and has been leading program assessment workshops since 2012.