Facilitator & Mentor Training

Facilitators and Mentors assist in training and evaluating program evaluator candidates.  Facilitators and Mentors are nominated for their positions and participate in training by invitation only.

Training Facilitator Training

This one-day training program familiarizes new facilitator trainees with the materials used in PEVC training and their roles in the PEVC training process. Prior to attending the Face-to-Face Training for PEVCs, each facilitator trainee must attend one of the PEVC training sessions as an observer.

This training is by invitation only.

Training Mentor Training

Training Mentor Training is designed for all experienced PEVs assigned to be Training Mentors. The course consists of viewing a webinar that covers the roles and responsibilities of ABET Training Mentors and brings Mentors up-to-date on all recent changes to the training material and procedures.

This training is by invitation only.