Module 1: Initial Forms and Deliverables

As Team Chair (TC) you are responsible for writing up several forms to be submitted to ABET Headquarters following your visit, along with forwarding the appropriate forms from your Program Evaluators (PEVs). You can find the forms on the MYABET website:

  • Go to the MYABET login page.
  • Login with your ABET username and password.
  • Under MYABET LINKS, click on TC Workbooks.
  • You will see links for the APPM and the currently available CAC workbook.

Following are some pointers and reminders to help you complete the necessary forms. These will help make life easier for your editors and the ABET HQ staff. Remember that your Editor 1 is available for help before, during, and after the visit, so feel free to address any questions to your Editor 1 at any time.

The Recommended Action Form (RAF):

  • Either log into the AMS 2.0 directly using this link:  or from the MYABET home page.  Click on the Manage Account link that appears under your name. This will take you to a page that redirects you to the new AMS 2.0 system. Click on the Manage RFES/REVIEWS icon on the left.  Select the institution by clicking on the appropriate Review link. In the REVIEW STATUS view you will find the previous Final Statement(s) at the bottom of the screen under FINAL STATEMENT HISTORY.  Inspect the latest Final Statement to determine what to place in the RAF’s “Previous Action” column. Note that, if this is an initial accreditation evaluation, then there will be no Final Statement and you will place “N” (for New program) in the column.
  • Pay attention to the NGR cycle block and put in the NEXT (not the current) NGR cycle here.
  • For new programs pay attention to the accreditation start date that you need to fill in – typically it is October 1 of the self-study year, but if there is some reason to start it on a different date fill in the appropriate date and be ready to justify it to your editors and the commission.

The Program Evaluation Tracking form (PET):

  • There are TWO forms – one for NGRs (C311), and another for IR/IV/SCR/SCV (C076) – the latter includes a column for findings from the previous review. Make sure you get and use the right form!
  • For IR/IV/SCR/SCV refer back to the most recent Final Statement to populate the Previous Review column.
  • The documents for interim and show cause reviews are in a different folder in the TC Workbook than the usual TC documents.

The Draft Statement (DS):

  • PLEASE follow the instructions in the template – it makes life so much easier during the editing process.
  • Remember that the draft statement for an Interim Report differs from other draft statements in that the actions since the last visit and evaluation are written as part of the “Summary of shortcomings from previous final statement” section
  • Pay careful attention to the instructions in the template for reporting shortcomings pertaining to Program Criteria:
    • Shortcomings associated with Program Criteria will be reported under the overarching criterion, either Student Outcomes, Curriculum, or Faculty

Reminder: something may change with the content of one or more forms prior to your visit so always download the latest forms from MYABET and encourage your PEVs to do the same.


  • From PEVs to TC:
    • Program Evaluator Worksheet (PEW) (No later than start of the visit)
    • Program Evaluator Report (PER) (No later than one week after the visit)
    • Program Audit Form (PAF) (end of the visit)
  • From TC to ABET HQ ( and your Editor 1 (ED1) (within 30 days after visit, but AFTER the program provides 7 day response):
    • Recommended Action Form (RAF/A302)
    • Draft Statement (DS)
    • PET for each program (concatenated into one file)
    • PAF for each program (concatenated into one file) (archived at ABET)
    • PER from each PEV (concatenated into one file) (archived at ABET)
  • File Naming Conventions
    • You can help yourself and impress your editors immensely simply by following the standard file naming conventions described on page 21 of the Team Chair Manual.
    • For example,
      identifies the draft statement (DS) for UNWYO prepared by Im A Hardnose as Team Chair, dated November 5, 2015.
    • The file that contains the list of short names for the institutions being reviewed can be found from your MYABET home page by selecting, under MYABET LINKS, Commissions and Accreditation Council, then All Commissions, and look for the Institution Short Name List