PEV Candidate Training

Successful completion of Program Evaluator Candidate (PEVC) Training is the first step in becoming an ABET Program Evaluator. PEVC Training process consists of three separate steps:

  • Successful completion of this online learning experience
  • A Face-to-Face facilitated instruction (held every spring by invitation)
  • Completion of any additional society-specific training (if required)

The online portion of PEVC Training typically takes 20-25 hours and requires written work and the completion of three (3) end-of-module proficiency assessments. Once the online training is complete, PEVCs are eligible to attend the Face-to-Face Training, which is a one-and-a-half-day experiential workshop that simulates an on-site visit. Subject to the terms of ABET’s Travel Policies and Procedures, ABET covers all reasonable travel expenses related to participation in the Face-to-Face Training.

Who Takes Program Evaluator Candidate Training?

PEVCs who have completed the online application will receive formal notification of their acceptance into the training program.

Schedule for Program Evaluator Candidate Training

The PEVC Training process begins in March and ends in June. The online training must be completed before the Face-to-Face Training. The date on which the online material is due is determined by the Face-to-Face Training session selected by the PEVC.


Contact ABET’s Training Manager for assistance.

Module 1: Welcome and Overview