Module 5: Accreditation Activities Outside of the U.S.

Beyond program accreditation, ABET is very active in the international quality assurance arena. Here you will learn more about some of these accreditation-related activities. As the face of ABET during the review visit, you may be asked to provide information about these activities.

A. Technical Assistance Offered by ABET

ABET offers institutions a variety of technical assistance to improve their programs’ outcomes-based assessment processes and to help them better prepare for an accreditation review.

ABET offers assistance with quality assurance systems, faculty workshops, and mentoring of in-country accreditation agencies, and can provide names of consultants willing to assist programs wanting to become accredited.

B. Other International Activities

Memoranda of Understanding
From time to time, ABET enters into Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with accreditation agencies or departments of higher education within other countries. The purpose of MOUs is to share information about accreditation processes and gain an understanding of quality assurance systems for higher education within each country. These MOUs are generally the precursor to mutual recognition of each agency’s accreditation process.

Mutual Recognition Agreements
ABET is a signatory to four Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA), which are non-governmental agreements that recognize the substantial equivalency of participating organizations’ accreditation processes. The MRAs cover four-year engineering, computing, and engineering technology programs.

Substantial Equivalency
ABET no longer conducts review visits for substantial equivalency recognition. The few programs outside of the U.S. currently recognized by ABET as being substantially equivalent will continue with that status until they request accreditation review by the commissions or their next general review, whichever comes sooner. Until that time, ABET’s Global Council will maintain each of those recognitions through reviews of interim actions.