Technology Accreditation Commission Adopts More Descriptive Name

April 2, 2012

Baltimore, MD – The ABET Board of Directors has voted to change the name of the Technology Accreditation Commission to the "Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission." This name change is effective immediately, with universal adoption expected before the 2013-14 accreditation review cycle commences next January.

"The name of the Technology Accreditation Commission was changed to the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission to provide the public with more accurate information," said Commission Chair Carol Richardson, Professor Emerita at the College of Applied Science and Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. "The majority of the 632 programs that the commission accredits are 'engineering technology' programs, and the commission’s title now reflects that fact."

Accreditation commissions are the entities within ABET that conduct the review and accreditation of degree-granting educational programs. At present, the change from the Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) to Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) only affects the commission’s name, not its programmatic scope, policies, or procedures. The commission will continue to accredit engineering technology programs at the associate’s (two-level) and bachelor's (four-year) level, as well as programs that have "technology" without "engineering" in their titles.

With this change, the commission's name aligns with the criteria that it has always used to review programs, i.e. Criteria for Accrediting Engineering Technology Programs. Also, the name change helps ABET comply with its status as a signatory in the Sydney Accord and as a provisional member of the Dublin Accord. These accords are mutual recognition agreements with other accrediting organizations around the world that aim to improve technology education globally and foster the mobility of technology students and graduates.

TAC representatives first proposed changing the commission's name at the 2010 Summer Commission Meeting, and an initial motion was brought before the ABET Board of Directors in the fall of 2010. After an appropriate review and comment period, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the motion to change the commission's name at its spring 2012 meeting.

The commission's leadership is working on a plan to fully adopt its new name and expects to unroll this plan by May 2012. The plan will give ABET-accredited programs longer than a year to modify their documents and marketing materials to comply with the name change.

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