2016 Symposium Tracks

4 Educational Tracks

Sessions at the Symposium fall into four main tracks. Use these overarching themes to budget your time and focus on the topics that are most important to you.

Global Accreditation

With more than 10% of our accredited programs located outside the U.S., our geographic scope has increased significantly over the last decade. Why do these programs choose ABET accreditation? What kind of challenges arise along way? How do they tackle them?

Learn how programs worldwide are pursuing ABET accreditation and how they are leveraging their accreditation status to distinguish themselves in the increasingly competitive and international world of higher education.

Best Practices in Program Assessment

Given the current climate in technical education, where more programs are including a business element in their curriculum, the 2016 ABET Symposium will highlight sessions on developing/assessing student outcomes beyond a-k and effective assessment outside the classroom (i.e., student competitions, service learning).

Learn more about best practices in program assessment and how you can use this information to document, explain, and improve innovative efforts implemented to prepare students for the global workforce.

Disruption and Innovation in Technical Education

In an increasingly intricate landscape, technical education finds itself in the midst of massive disruption. When a student’s options range from MOOCs to certifications how does conventional on-campus education remain relevant? How do outreach initiatives help institutions maintain and enhance their competitiveness? See how technical programs are helping universities respond to growing demands to contribute to local and regional economic development.

Accreditation Policies, Procedures, and Personnel

Acknowledging that our program evaluators  are at the heart of the accreditation process, sessions in this track will focus on specific tasks and duties performed by PEVs, covering topics such as: Alternative Visit Protocols, Statement Writing, and Accrediting Natural Science Academic Programs.

This track is designed for Symposium attendees from academic institutions, current or former PEVs seeking to develop professionally as a PEV, and for those interested in learning what PEVs are taught. It will also provide attendees from academic institutions with insight into the accreditation process, whether they are considering accreditation for the first time or are interested in learning more about the on-site review process.