Advanced Program Assessment


Fundamentals of Program Assessment or IDEAL *

*Advanced Program Assessment is a good refresher course for IDEAL Scholars who completed IDEAL before 2015.

Upcoming Workshops

San Diego, CA

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 & Saturday, April 14, 2018

Workshop Description

If you have already attended an ABET Fundamentals of Assessment Workshop and implemented what
you learned, the Advanced Workshop will help you to evaluate your progress.

Developing sustainable assessment processes that lead to quality improvement of educational programs
is an iterative process. Most experts would agree that the first few cycles of an assessment process lead
to more improvements in the actual assessment processes than they do in improvements of student
learning. This workshop is designed to help you take a critical look at your current assessment processes
and take them to the next level of quality. Workshop activities are focused on critiquing processes and
developing ways to ensure consistency in the assessment of student learning across multiple faculty
evaluators. You will build on the principles taught in ABET Fundamentals to develop more efficient and
effective processes.

During the Advanced Program Assessment workshop, you will work with peers to critique performance
indicators, participate in rubric calibration training, review assessment processes, engage in an
evaluation exercise, review examples of reporting documents and discuss faculty engagement in
continuous improvement processes. You will leave the workshop with the ability to apply what you
learned to improve your own assessment program.

The workshop prepares you to:

  • Create a sustainable assessment process.
  • Assure consistency in multi-faculty evaluations.
  • Identify ways to improve your current assessment processes.
  • Develop strategies to engage your colleagues.

Here is a brief outline of the day:

  • Introduction
  • Constituent Engagement
  • Performance Indicator Critique
  • Importance of Curriculum Mapping
  • Calibration of Scoring Rubrics
  • Maximizing the Evaluation Process
  • Reporting Results
  • Engaging Faculty


$595, includes lunch and all materials