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  • ABET Webinars
    • 01/16/15

      Assessment: How to Develop a Survey >

      Topics covered in this webinar include: Survey planning Developing survey items Common formats Reliability and validity Designing the survey Critique of items Administering…
    • 04/19/15

      Assessment: Developing Rubrics >

      Topics covered in this webinar include:

      • What is a rubric?
      • Types of rubrics
      • Uses of rubrics
      • Rubric development
      • Application of rubrics
    • 04/19/15

      Assessment: Defining Student Outcomes >

      Topics covered in this webinar include: Difference between program educational objectives and learning outcomes Importance of defining learning outcomes Examples of defined outcomes Mapping outcomes…
    • 04/19/15

      Assessment: Choosing Assessment Methods >

      Topics covered in this webinar include:

      • Direct methods
      • Indirect methods
      • Triangulation
      • Validity
      • Choosing methods
    • 04/19/15

      We Are Interested In Seeking ABET Accreditation… Are We Ready? >

      This session will be of value to faculty and staff from programs that are considering ABET accreditation for the first time. Emphasis will be on both the formal requirements for eligibility and on…
    • 04/19/15

      Accreditation: On-Site Visit Logistics >

      Topics covered in this webinar: Accreditation timeline Organizing for the Self-Study Working with multiple programs Self-Study Questionnaire Tables Timeline for the visit Resource room Course…
    • 04/19/15

      ABET Accreditation Basics >

      This webinar focuses on three primary areas from the perspective of institutional representatives: ABET’s vision, mission, and critical organizational information; ABET accreditation processes and…