Complying with APPM Section II.A.6

ABET requires that each accredited program publicly state the program’s educational objectives and student outcomes, as well as publicly post annual student enrollment and graduation data.

Programs accredited by ABET are expected to comply with this requirement immediately and not wait for the next scheduled review.

ABET will examine program websites beginning April 1, 2014, to ensure compliance. At the time of each general or interim review, the Self-Study or Interim Report must reflect how the program(s) have complied with this policy. Going forward, ABET will conduct a yearly audit of program URLs to ensure continuing compliance.

How a program chooses to comply with the requirements stated above is the prerogative of the program/institution and may depend upon the structure of the institution’s website.

At a minimum, ABET expects that:

  • Information reported in the ABET Self-Study Report, Appendix D Institutional Summary, Table D-1 Program Enrollment and Degree Data, will be acceptable for posting.
  • The required information is located on or available through the program’s home page.
  • If the program chooses to link to information on other web pages, the links are labeled clearly using language the target audiences (students, prospective students, parents, and the public in general) would understand easily.
  • If the information used is compiled for other purposes (IPEDS reporting or ASEE surveys), the information is locally hosted, provided with some context, easily accessible, and clearly labeled.
  • The initial posting of student enrollment and graduation data is for the most recent academic year for which such data is available.
  • The institution may choose to post data from any number of prior years.
  • To facilitate transparency, any changes to departmental or program website URLs should be reported to ABET.