ABET Webinars

Assessment of Student Learning and Program Continuous Improvement Series

This six-part educational series introduces principles of assessment for continuous improvement. Each webinar focuses on an aspect of program assessment and will provide you with a basic understanding of the topic covered. We encourage you to build on this knowledge by attending one of our program assessment workshops.


Gloria Rogers, ABET Senior Adjunct Director for Professional Offerings, provides a basic introduction to the principles that underlie the development of the continuous improvement process for student learning.

Program Educational Objectives

Elaine Cooney, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, covers expectations for the development and maintenance of your Program Educational Objectives.

Student Outcomes

Jennifer “Jenny” Amos, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, deconstructs student outcomes for assessment and evaluation of the attainment of student learning.

Curriculum Map

Kevin Huggins, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, explains how utilization of the curriculum map can enhance decision making about data collection and improve student learning.

Assessment Methods

Ben Juliano, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, reviews assessment methods and examines different scoring methods that can be used.

Reporting Results

Owens Walker, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, provides examples of reporting methods that demonstrate the entire assessment process with results, actions, and trends over time.

New Outcomes: Transition as Opportunity

Daina Briedis, ABET Adjunct Director for Professional Offerings, provides important insights about how to take advantage of the program’s transition from ABET’s “old” Student Outcomes to “new” Student Outcomes to improve continuous improvement processes and program assessment.

Visiting Programs Transitioning to Criterion 3 & Criterion 5

Everything you wanted to know about the new C3 & C5 but were afraid to ask! This webinar for Team Chairs focuses on transitioning to the new C3 & C5 Criteria. The webinar includes a 30-minute presentation by Patsy Brackin, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A moderated by Bopaya Bidanda.

Download the presentation slides.