Shortcomings Designed into USU Self-Study Report



1 Students

Self-Study: Advising after the required Freshman Orientation
Program is not mandatory. Students are responsible for planning their academic programs and meeting degree requirements.

Transcript Analysis: Most of the students take a math class out of sequence in their senior year rather than their sophomore year.

(ANSAC: MTH 252 Analytical Methods III, CAC: MTH 2034 Discrete Math, EAC: MTH 2034 Diff Eq, ETAC: MTH 3030 Calc II and Diff Eq)

2 Program Educational Objectives

No intentional shortcomings

3 Student Outcomes

No intentional shortcomings

4 Continuous Improvment

Self-Study: Evidence of assessment and evaluation of  the leadership outcome is missing.

 5 Curriculum

No intentional shortcomings

6 Faculty

No intentional shortcomings

7 Facilities

No intentional shortcomings

8 Institutional Support

Self-Study: Program leadership has changed three times since the previous visit.