Assessment Reading List

Use these documents to develop your program’s assessment process. Each one contains proven guidance and tools for designing an effective assessment plan.

Assessment Planning Tools

Timelines and Responsibilities
Documenting the processes involved in program assessment.

Sample Protocol for Pilot Testing Survey Items
Example of how you can test your survey items for validity before administering the survey.

Assessment Planning Matrix
Sample matrix to demonstrate the program assessment process and results.

Self Assessment
An instrument that can be used to determine the status of a program assessment process.

Assessment Planning Articles

Continuous Quality Improvement and Program Assessment
Principles of continuous quality improvement as the basis of outcomes accreditation criteria.

Does the Assessment Process Measure Up?
Evaluate your program assessment process against key principles of program assessment.

How Many Data are Too Many?
Considerations when deciding how many data to collect.

The Importance of Direct Measures
Direct measures of student learning and why they are important.

Meaningful Measurement
Ensuring that the data enable faculty to identify strengths and weakness in student performance.

Objectives and Outcomes
Similarities and differences between program educational objectives and student outcomes.

Program Assessment: The Ultimate Design Problem
Understanding how the program assessment process is similar to a technical design problem.

Direct and Indirect Assessment Methods
Advantages and disadvantages of direct and indirect methods of assessment.

Considerations when choosing to use portfolios for assessment of student learning.

Things to consider when deciding whether sampling should be used for program assessment.

Surveys and Questionnaires
Things to consider when designing and implementing a survey or questionnaire.

Things I Wish I Had Known
Basic principles when developing a program assessment process.

Understanding the Accreditation Question
Design of the assessment process rests on the understanding of the accreditation question.

Using Course or Test Grades for Program Assessment
Use of course or test grades as evidence of learning outcomes.

Using Commercial Exams for Program Assessment
Things to consider if you are thinking of using a commercial exam for student outcomes. Many programs have successfully employed nationally normed examinations such as the Fundamentals of Engineering exam developed and administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying as an integral element of their program assessment process.