The long history of systemic oppression, stigmatization, criminalization and injustice of Black people and other minority communities have created a society with two unequal realities. The Black Lives Matter movement speaks directly to systemic racism, systemic inequalities with access to education, health care and opportunities, and the persistent devaluing of Black lives due to past and current discrimination and bias, practices, policies, procedures and laws.

ABET stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to end systemic racism. This is consistent with our core values and commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity.

ABET believes that all components of modern society must recognize and prioritize equity and justice as fundamental human rights, and Black lives do matter. We all must begin working collectively through STEM education to build a fair and better system that does not discriminate against Black people and other communities of color.

ABET understands that as our concern for each other has never been more important, our voices as leaders in STEM must be used to drive positive change and call on others to do the same.

ABET encourages all member societies and our professional community to stand up and speak out, unite against racism and injustice and take actionable steps to engage, dialogue and build a more inclusive and equitable society. 

Our diverse humanity is our greatest asset. It is time for our collective practices, procedures, policies, regulations, standards and laws to reflect our priorities and drive for accountability around inclusion, diversity, equity and justice across the STEM community.

ABET is confident that, together, we can make a difference by using our collective assets to solve complex challenges in laboratories, workplaces, communities and our personal spaces.

ABET is committed to this change through global leadership in STEM education, incorporating the highest standards of professional integrity, dignity, equity, fairness, justice and respect for everyone.

To provide space for discussion on this topic, ABET’s IDEA Council ( would like to hear from you about suggestions, comments and actionable examples you and your constituencies are implementing in support of the Black community.

David P. Kelly

2019-20 President

Mary Leigh Wolfe

2019-20 Past President

Dianne Chong

2019-20 President-Elect

William J. Wepfer

2020-21 President-Elect

Michael K.J. Milligan

Executive Director
and CEO