ABET volunteer expert training is offered throughout the year via online courses and webinars. Official training modules are in Brightspace, ABET’s learning management system. You must be enrolled in a course for authorization. Visit our help page on accessing Brightspace for more information.

Accessing Brightspace

Training for program evaluators and team chairs is offered throughout the year via online training courses and webinars. Official training modules are located in Brightspace. You must be enrolled in a training for access. Please contact for more information or assistance.

Program Evaluator Candidate Training >

After completing the ABET Program Evaluator Application and being approved by one of our professional and technical societies, prospective program evaluators participate in Program Evaluator Candidate (PEVC) Training. This training is designed to simulate the actual ABET program review process. Successful completion of PEVC Training results in becoming an ABET program evaluator. The entire PEVC Training process consists of three separate steps:

  • Online pre-work
  • Simulated Visit Training
  • Society-specific training (if applicable)

The online portion of PEVC Training typically takes 20-25 hours and requires written work and the completion of three proficiency assessments. After the online training is complete, PEVCs then attend Simulated Visit Training, which is a facilitated experiential workshop that simulates an accreditation visit. The online training must be completed at least four weeks before Simulated Visit Training.

PEVCs who successfully complete both the online pre-work and Simulated Visit Training may then be approved by their member society to serve as a program evaluator. Some societies require additional specialized training, which is conducted separately.

The entire PEVC Training process begins in January and ends in June.

Download a PDF of the 2023 PEVC Training Pre-Work Modules.

Program Evaluator Pre-Visit Preparation Training >

This is ABET’s online training course for program evaluators assigned to evaluate a program. Program Evaluator Pre-Visit Preparation Training provides critical updates on commission-specific changes that will affect the review process, as well as updates to policy and procedures. Program evaluators are encouraged to complete this training upon assignment and no later than weeks before their visit. This course is available for the duration of each accreditation cycle.

Program Evaluator Recertification Training >

This is ABET’s online recertification training course for program evaluators who have been inactive for more than two years or who have not completed formal training in the past five years. It is designed to ensure consistency in the review process by providing program evaluators an opportunity to reconnect with the accreditation process, as well to become current with the latest updates to ABET criteria, policy and procedures.

Training for Accreditation Visits Outside of the U.S. >

This ABET training course is a primer for Program Evaluators participating in accreditation visits outside of the United States. It can also be used as refresher training for those who have previously participated in accreditation visits to programs outside of the United States. This course is available online and is to be completed at least three weeks before the assigned visit.

New Commissioner Training >

Many successful program evaluators ascend into leadership roles within ABET as commissioners. This training is available online and should be completed by newly appointed commissioners approximately six weeks before the annual July Commission Meetings.

Preparing for a Visit with Online Components >

Most programs today use an LMS (Learning Management System) such as BlackBoard, Canvas, Moodle, or Brightspace. Additionally, many programs are wholly or partially online. This course contains resources that provide useful insights, information and tools to prepare volunteer experts for a visit with online components.

Virtual Review Training >

This course prepares review teams to conduct virtual reviews. Focusing on what is common among commissions, Virtual Review Training helps team chairs and program evaluators maintain the quality and consistency of an ABET review in a 100% virtual environment.

Facilitator & Mentor Training

Facilitators and mentors assist in training and evaluating program evaluator candidates. Facilitators and mentors are nominated for their positions and participate in training by invitation only.

Training Facilitator Training

This training program familiarizes new facilitator trainees with the materials used in PEVC Training and their roles in the PEVC Training process. New facilitators must attend a webinar and specialized training session. Prior to attending PEVC Simulated Visit Training, each facilitator trainee must attend one of the training sessions as an observer.

This training is by invitation only.

PEVC Training Mentor Training

PEVC Training Mentor Training is designed for experienced PEVs assigned to be training mentors. The program consists of a webinar that covers the roles and responsibilities of ABET training mentors and brings mentors up-to-date on all recent changes to the training material and procedures, as well access to online resources specific to the mentor experience.

This training is by invitation only.