Become a Program Evaluator

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ABET Expert.

Volunteering as an ABET expert makes you an essential contributor to the premier global accrediting organization for academic programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology education.

Program Evaluator Candidate Training strengthens your expertise to determine if programs in your field are meeting the criteria for preparing graduates to enter their professions. In addition, Program Evaluator Candidate Training may provide Professional Development Hours (PDHs) toward licensure and certification.

Our training for prospective program evaluators is designed to simulate the actual ABET program review process. Successful completion of Program Evaluator Candidate Training is the first step in becoming an ABET program evaluator, and all candidates are assigned a mentor from their member society, who will provide support and feedback throughout the candidate training process.

Program Evaluator Candidate Training consists of three separate steps, which are completed January through June:

  1. Online Pre-work

    The online portion of Program Evaluator Candidate Training typically takes 12–20 hours and includes three end-of-module quizzes. It covers:

    • the role of the program evaluator
    • the accreditation process
    • application of the criteria
    • outcomes assessment basics
    • the program evaluator performance appraisal process

    The online training must be completed at least four weeks before the Simulated Visit Training session.


  2. Simulated Visit Training

    You must complete online training at least four weeks before participating in the next phase of Program Evaluator Candidate Training. Simulated Visit Training is traditionally a 1.5 day experiential workshop. Facilitated by experienced evaluation team chairs and other veterans of the ABET accreditation process, this immersive workshop simulates an on-site visit and engages you in a series of case studies alongside other program evaluator candidates.

  3. Society-Specific Training and Requirements

    Program evaluator candidates who successfully complete both the online and simulated visit training may then be selected by their member society to serve as a program evaluator. Some societies require additional specialized training, which is conducted separately by the society.

Additional professional development activities and resources for volunteers include:

Program Evaluator Pre-Visit Preparation Training

Program Evaluator Pre-Visit Preparation Training is required for all program evaluators assigned to a visit and must be completed at least three weeks prior to the visit. This training provides critical updates on logistics, policies and procedures, as well as commission-specific changes that affect the review process.

Training for Visits Outside the U.S.

All program evaluators and team chairs assigned to visits outside of the United States must complete this course at least three weeks before their on-site visit. It prepares participants for cultural and logistical issues that may arise in an international on-site visit.

Program Evaluator Recertification Training

Program Evaluator Recertification Training covers important changes and updates to accreditation criteria, policies, and procedures. This training is designed to ensure consistency in the review process by providing all program evaluators exposure to the latest updates. Recertification training is required every five years if there is no lapse in service. Program evaluators who have not participated in an on-site review for two consecutive years or have not been trained by either ABET or by the member society in the past two years are required to undergo recertification training before being assigned to a review team.

New Commissioner Training

New Commissioner Training provides successful program evaluators with the skills to take on the leadership duties of a team chair/commissioner. This training must be completed by June of each year.

Virtual Review Training

This course prepares review teams to conduct virtual reviews. Focusing on what is common among commissions, virtual review training helps team chairs and program evaluators maintain the quality and consistency of an ABET review in a 100% virtual environment.

PEVC Training Facilitator and Mentor Training

Facilitators and mentors assist in the training and evaluation of program evaluator candidates and are nominated for this role and participate in training by invitation only. One-day facilitator training familiarizes trainees with the materials used in program evaluator candidate training and the facilitator’s role in the training process. Mentor training consists of a webinar and proficiency assessment which covers the roles and responsibilities of ABET training mentors and brings mentors up-to-date on recent changes to the training material and procedures. Both training programs are by invitation only.

Accreditation Resources & Events

Professional development is critical to maintaining the highest quality volunteer force. We offer professional development opportunities to support each phase of your service as a program evaluator or team chair/commissioner. Our professional development resources fall into the areas of accreditation, assessment, and innovation in technical education. Additionally, Program evaluators receive discounted registration for the annual ABET Symposium. These may be limited and are provided on a first come, first served basis.