Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding ABET, the accreditation process and ABET’s network of Experts.


What is ABET?

We accredit college and university programs in the disciplines of applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology at the associate, bachelor and master degree levels. Find out more about what we do on our About page.

What is the purpose of ABET accreditation?

With ABET accreditation, students, employers and the society we serve can be confident that a program meets the quality standards that produce graduates prepared to enter a global workforce. Learn more about ABET accreditation here.

How can I find out if my program is accredited?

Search for ABET-accredited programs here.

What does ABET stand for?

The letters A.B.E.T. originally stood for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

But over the last 80 years our scope has broadened, and now we accredit computing, applied and natural science, and engineering technology programs. So, the acronym was dropped, and we became simply ABET.

Learn more about our history here.

Where can I find ABET’s mission and values?

Information about our core purpose and more can be found on the About ABET page.

Where can I find information on upcoming workshops?

Please visit our Education and Resources page for more information.


When can I expect our draft statement?

All draft statements for visits conducted through December are usually sent by mid-March. You are encouraged to contact your Team Chair if you have any questions.

When can I expect the final statement and accreditation decision?

Accreditation decisions are made by the full commission at their meeting in July each year. After the meeting all statements are reviewed and updated as required. Transmission of the results and the statements usually occurs in August.

I have a specific question about our program as it relates to accreditation. Whom should I contact?

If you have already submitted a Request for Evaluation and had a Team Chair assigned to your review, you should contact your Team Chair. If you are not part of the current accreditation cycle, you can submit your question to ABET HQ via email to where it will be answered by the staff member most qualified to respond. Complex questions may require a phone call which will be scheduled with you.

Our program has recently attained ABET accreditation. Will previous graduates be considered to have graduated from an ABET-accredited program?

ABET policy limits retroactive accreditation to a maximum of two years.

Can we add an online or off-campus feature to our ABET-accredited program?

This may be possible but depends on many factors. Please send details to An ABET expert will work with you to determine the feasibility for your situation.

If there is no program criteria attached to a name of a program being submitted for accreditation, how does ABET decide what program evaluator(s) will be selected?

The program on its Request for Evaluation can indicate which ABET member society it would prefer the program evaluators be selected from. The Executive Committee of the Commission and ABET staff will then take this preference into consideration in selecting which society to request to assign program evaluator(s).

If my institution has a program accredited by ABET, do future programs applying for initial accreditation have to submit a request for Readiness Review?

If your program is seeking initial accreditation and is based in an institution with no current ABET-accredited programs in that specific commission, the program will be required to undergo a Readiness Review prior to submitting a formal Request for Evaluation (RFE).

How many team members are required for a visit?

The number of team members depends on the number of programs being evaluated in one site visit by one commission. ABET requires a minimum team of three, with certain exceptions (reaccreditation at the discretion of the commission or an associate-level program, for example).

With the revisions to Criterion 3, how will the program be able to compare the new Criterion 3 outcomes with the old?

The commissions have created charts mapping the current and the revised Criterion 3 outcomes that can be found on our Accreditation Changes page.

The ANSAC Criterion 5 requires a curriculum culminating in comprehensive projects or experiences based on the cumulative knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work. Does that project or experience need to be in the fourth year?

Typically it is in the fourth year to be a truly culminating experience drawing upon the education the students have gained to that point.

International Accreditation

Is my foreign, non-ABET accredited program recognized in the United States?

ABET has mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with accreditors around the world for engineering, engineering technology, engineering technician and computing programs. To check if your program is recognized by one of these agreements, click here. Select the type of program (engineering, computing, etc.) and follow the instruction on that page. If you need direct assistance, please email

Are ABET-accredited programs outside the United States recognized by the Washington Accord?

No. The Washington Accord limits recognition of programs only to those accredited within the signatories’ jurisdiction. For the purpose of the Washington Accord, ABET’s jurisdiction is the U.S. and its territories. Therefore, only ABET-accredited programs in these locations are recognized by the Washington Accord.

Can I get foreign credentials evaluated?

Engineering Credentials Evaluation International (ECEI), the foreign credentials evaluation service of ABET, has been discontinued since 2007. ABET no longer provides a foreign credentials’ evaluation service. If ECEI completed an evaluation for you in the past, you may order an additional copy. Please follow the instructions here to order an additional copy of your evaluation report.

I didn’t graduate from an ABET-accredited program. How do I meet the educational requirements for licensure/employment in the United States?

Each engineering state licensing board/employer in the U.S. has their own set of requirements, rules, and regulations. Please contact the state licensing board or employer directly, and follow their instruction for meeting their requirements. For your reference, this link provides the contact information of all the U.S. engineering state licensing boards.

We are a program located outside the United States and we are interested in obtaining ABET accreditation. What do we do?

We are pleased to hear of your interest in ABET accreditation. Please review the information available on our website for new programs here, and additional information for programs located outside the U.S. here. For direct assistance, please email

I would like to become a member of ABET. What do I do?

Membership within ABET is limited to professional and technical societies. There isn’t a membership option to join ABET as an individual or university. For a complete list, please visit our member societies page. If you represent a professional or technical society seeking ABET membership, please email for more information.

Expert & MyABET

Where can I find a copy of ABET’s Travel Policy?

The Travel Policy and Procedures Manual can be found here. You must be logged into MyABET to access this page.

Where can I get a copy of ABET’s Expense Report form?

Expense reports are entered through Concur, a third party platform. To access Concur, login to MyABET and select the “Concur” link.

Where can I find a copy of the current edition of the ABET Accreditation Policy and Procedures Manual?

All ABET Accreditation Policy and Procedures Manuals can be found on the Accreditation Criteria & Supporting Documents page.

Where can I get a copy of the current Self-Study Report Template for any of the four Accreditation Commissions?

The Self-Study Report Template can be found here.

Where can I gain access to a roster of names and email addresses for ABET Headquarters staff members?

Log in to MyABET. Then, from the Commissions and Accreditation Council expand the All Commissions section and select the Commission Directory (PDF). Contact information for ABET accreditation staff members can be found toward the back of the directory.

Finance & Operations

How can payment be submitted to ABET?.

ABET accepts checks, ACH, bank transfers and credit card payments. Checks may be mailed to 415 N. Charles St Baltimore, MD 21201. Credit card payments are accepted through our online payment form. For information on bank transfers please email:

Who can assist me [ABET Expert] with my expense report?

Please contact Shaina Lennon (  or 410-347-7705) with your expense report questions.

How can I obtain a copy of my Engineering Credentials Evaluation International (ECEI) report?

You can find information on ECEI here.

How can I obtain a visa invitation letter?

After you have registered and paid to attend an ABET event, please email with all of your contact information to request a visa invitation letter, allowing 5-7 business days. More information on visa letters can be found here.

I’m a vendor and would like to get your business, so who would I talk with?

Please contact Brock Peterson ( or 410-347-7735) with information about the products or services your company offers.