Changes During the Period of Accreditation

Changes to your program could affect how you are accredited. Ensure that your program matches our guidelines by reporting changes listed below to our Accreditation Department.

Please read the Accreditation Policy and Procedures Manual for detailed instructions.

What Changes Matter?

Changes Related to ABET Policy

  • Program name
  • Methods or venues of program delivery (such as changing from predominately in-residence to online delivery)
  • Institutional authority to provide post-secondary education
  • Status of institutional accreditation
  • Decision not to continue accreditation
  • Decision to terminate a program

Changes Related to Criteria

  • Students
  • Program educational objectives
  • Student outcomes
  • Continuous improvement
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Institutional support
  • Program criteria

How to Report Changes

We have a well-defined process for relaying changes:

  1. Have your institutional representative responsible for ABET-accredited programs notify us of any changes.
  2. Provide us with detailed information about the nature of each change and its impact on the accredited program.