Annual Report

Building a More Resilient World – The Annual Impact Report 2023

ABET’s Annual Impact Report is a testament to our partnerships, dedication to and advancements in Building a More Resilient World during the fiscal year ended September 30, 2023 and highlights the contributions our volunteer experts and staff have made toward ensuring confidence in STEM education.


Accreditation Statistics

Look at the current accreditation statistics and compare them to data going back to 2003, including aggregate program counts, commission specific figures and trends.

2022: Accreditation Statistics

The 75th Anniversary ABET Retrospective Book

The 75th Anniversary ABET Retrospective Book delves into the people, places and paradigms that have shaped ABET and our significant role in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology education.


ABET Issue Briefs

The Value of Accreditation: How ABET Helps STEM Programs Adapt to Industry’s Evolving Needs

This issue brief explores the value of ABET accreditation from the perspective of industry stakeholders and underscores the important role of industry experts in the accreditation process, through participation in the ABET Industry Advisory Council (IAC), representation of professional societies and involvement as Program Evaluators.

Sustainable Education: Readying Today’s Higher Ed Students to Tackle the World’s Grand Challenges

Advancing sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges will take more than technical skills. Students of higher education, especially those in STEM fields, need diverse and global perspectives to understand—and address—long-standing problems in new ways.

Engineering Change: Lessons from Leaders on Modernizing Higher Education Engineering Curriculum >

This issue brief examines the evolution of engineering programs in colleges and universities across the country and how they are experiencing an epic revitalization—blurring the lines between class and career, and increasing access to dynamic, hands-on learning and projects—to keep pace with the rapid change of industry. It offers a brief glimpse into the best practices for driving change within engineering programs, and the benefits that have been realized.

ABET Accreditation: Into Natural Science >

This issue brief explores the value of ABET accreditation, and, specifically, the value that it could bring to natural science programs, including mathematics. It also presents industry perspectives from the companies that rely on graduates from those programs to populate their workforce. It then explains why ABET is in a strong position to meet the needs of fields and disciplines that would be new to ABET by drawing on the recently successful expansion into the accreditation of construction management programs.

Historical Documents

These documents describe landmark events and discussions in ABET history.

Engineering Change highlights the findings of Engineering Change, a comprehensive study on the impact of ABET’s outcomes-based accreditation criteria on engineering programs and their graduates. Study conducted by the Penn State Center for the Study of Higher Education. Full report and executive summary available.

Sustaining the Change report is an important update on the accreditation criteria, participation, and process reform begun by ABET in 1994. Includes background and current status of the reform, as well as detailed observations and recommendations for improvement of ABET constituencies.

Viewpoints: Issues of Accreditation in Higher Education includes the Issue of Accreditation in Higher Education, Continuing Education, Diversity, and Dual-Level Accreditation.

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Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4