COVID-19 Updates

ABET continues to monitor the evolving situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19. We know individuals and institutions continue to be under tremendous stress in these uncertain times, and the full impact of this global health crisis still remains to be seen. As we navigate these challenges together, please be assured that we are committed to supporting our common goal of ensuring our world’s sustainability, safety, health and well-being.

Below, you’ll find several announcements regarding this year’s accreditation cycle and upcoming ABET events and programs. Please check this page for additional updates as the situation evolves.

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Updated November 6, 2020

Accreditation: COVID-19 Update

Updated Guidance on Reporting Changes During the Period of Accreditation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Section I.F.1 of the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) requires the institutional administrative officer responsible for ABET accredited programs to notify ABET of changes that potentially impact the extent to which an accredited program satisfies ABET accreditation criteria or policies. Examples of changes that normally require this notification are provided in the APPM.

APPM Section I.F. 

ABET recognizes that virtually all accredited programs have made changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to processes that relate to delivery mode, facility access, grading methods, and /or other aspects of areas ABET reviews to assure compliance with its accreditation criteria and policies. Until further notice, COVID-19 driven changes covered under the APPM Section I.F.1 requirement to report them is waived, assuming they are temporary. The expectation is that programs will return to pre-pandemic processes/status as soon as practicable. Any changes that a program determines will become or have been made permanent, regardless of the driving reason, still must be reported to the ABET Director for Accreditation Operations as outlined in the APPM.

2020-2021 Accreditation Cycle

All reviews are being conducted remotely. ABET representatives are not physically visiting campuses this cycle, but instead are conducting the reviews by means of video conference, electronic document management systems and email. ABET staff and the Commission Executive Committees are closely monitoring the particulars of the virtual reviews and collecting feedback to ensure reviews are conducted with the highest standard of integrity and quality.

No decisions have been made regarding the conduct of reviews in the 2021-2022 Accreditation Cycle at this time. ABET staff and Commission Executive Committees are working to formulate contingency plans for the 2021-2022 Accreditation Cycle in the event we may need to review programs virtually.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions and concerns about program delivery or planning for an upcoming review.

Accreditation Fees

We understand that universities and colleges are dealing with unprecedented changes to their operations and budgets as they work to reallocate resources and continue to educate students. In light of these challenges, we are reducing all maintenance fees for the 2020-2021 accreditation cycle by 5%.

Adjustments to fees will be reflected in the next invoice.

If you have specific questions about your program, please contact

ABET Headquarters

The ABET headquarters office will remain closed until June 2021, and all staff are working remotely. We appreciate your patience regarding potential delays in communication with ABET employees, package deliveries, etc. as we work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

For specific questions regarding your program’s accreditation, please email For questions regarding AMS and our program search page, please email For all other inquiries, please email

Engineering Credentials Evaluation International (ECEI)

We are temporarily unable to provide copies of ECEI Credentials Evaluation Reports. We appreciate your patience, and we will respond to all requests when the ABET headquarters office reopens.

ABET Offerings

Upcoming Events and Workshops may be postponed. We will make a determination about future events and send out notifications two weeks prior to the event so participants can make adjustments to their travel plans.

Program Evaluator Candidate (PEVC) Training will be conducted virtually this coming spring.