John Prados, ABET President (1991-1992) and former Chair of the Engineering Accreditation Commission (1984-1985), has been named the first member of the University of Tennessee’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Hall of Fame.prados20

Over the span of almost sixty years, Prados dedicated himself to various chemical engineering departments of the university. Department head Bamin Khomani remarked that Prados’s membership was not only “an acknowledgement of his standing in the field,” but also that his nomination stemmed directly from the faculty in the department, as they “wanted [Prados] to be the first and only person elected to our hall of fame in its inaugural year.”

To be considered for the University of Tennessee’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Hall of Fame, a person needs to hold a degree from the department or a department at another college with a sustained relationship with UT, have a minimum of ten years of experience in engineering, have been recognized by peers or by honorary societies, and not be an active faculty member at UT.



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