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NAFSA will award registration grants to a small number of faculty members, graduate students, and others in academic or administrative leadership roles to participate in the Global Learning Colloquium at the NAFSA Annual Conference. Grants will be awarded to individuals from diverse types of institutions. All interested individuals who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to apply.

Colloquium Details:

Global Learning Colloquium on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Design (STEAM’D): A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Los Angeles, CA

9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Description: Comprehensive cross-disciplinary programming design within curricula is critical to prepare graduates for the complexities of work in our interconnected societies.  As science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have emerged as key drivers of innovation and change in the twenty-first century, it became ever more of an imperative to integrate into the programming the complementary fields of art and design.  Participants will work with experts to explore best practices for aligning creative, out-of-the box high-impact global learning experiences with academic coursework, while establishing core competencies and metrics, and identifying strategies that move cross-disciplinary global learning forward as an institutional priority.

Eligibility:  Open to faculty members, advisors on curriculum content and design, graduate students, and others in academic or administrative leadership roles; including those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership incorporating global learning into their curriculum. Priority will be given to those who have not previously attended a NAFSA Conference.

Deadline: Please send your responses to the questions below to Hannah Kojm, by Dec. 31, 2016.

Notification: Grant awards will be made in early 2017, and all applicants will be notified by March 1, 2017. Registration details will be provided at that time.

Availability: You must be available to attend the Global Learning Colloquium Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics and Design (STEAM’D): A Cross-Disciplinary Approach May 31, 2017 (and additional days at the NAFSA Annual Conference if interested) and to pay for your transportation, meals, and lodging.

Responsibilities: Grant recipients will be expected to present on their work at the colloquium and to work with NAFSA staff to write up a case study for a NAFSA publication and/or to provide a blog post on the NAFSA Research Connections network.

To apply: Please send your name, title, institution, email address and phone number in an email to Hannah Kojm, with answers to the following questions:

  1. In what ways, if any, is your coursework, school, college, or institution now engaged in global learning? (Limit: 150 words)
  1. What are your responsibilities in current efforts to incorporate global learning into coursework or programming at your school, college, or institution? (Limit: 150 words)
  1. How has the incorporation of global learning into programming at your institution helped to prepare students for employment in STEM, Arts and/or Design fields? (Limit: 150 words)
  1. How would you use your experience at the colloquium to further incorporate global learning into your coursework, school, college, or institution? Describe at least two (2) specific initiatives you would undertake to meet this objective when you return home.  (Limit: 150 words)