ABET recently entered a partnership with University World News (UWN), the leading international higher education news and analysis publication, to connect with a wider audience of higher education professionals and students around the world.

Through this partnership, UWN and ABET will work together to produce articles providing valuable insights and updates on ABET accreditation standards and processes but also share how we are amplifying the need for sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s higher education landscape. Our partnership will be part of UWN’s SDGs Hub, its source for coverage of higher education’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We are thrilled to partner with University World News to promote the importance of quality STEM education around the world, and particularly proud to be supporting UWN’s new SDG Hub initiative,” ABET CEO Michael Milligan said. “This partnership will allow us to share our values, knowledge and expertise with a wider audience and help ensure that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them to contribute to a world that clearly needs problem solvers who understand not only what to do but why.”

According to Brendan O’Malley, editor of University World News, “We are very pleased to be working closely with ABET. They share our commitment to supporting and encouraging higher education’s contribution to achieving a more just, equitable, sustainable world.”

Last week, we announced that ABET is a UN Global Compact participant. With these relationships, we will continue our advocacy efforts for a more sustainable future.

To learn more about UWN and our partnership, visit their website to read their announcement.

About University World News
University World News is the leading international higher education news and analysis publication. Its mission is to be the definitive source of news, information, and analysis for the global higher education community.


Sheila Sullivan
Manager, Communications and Marketing, ABET

Brendan O’Malley
Editor, University World News