To further its commitment to promoting excellence in engineering education on a global scale, ABET recently established strategic relationships with World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP).

Similar to ABET and its mission, WFEO and its members are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), representing more than 30 million engineers from over 100 nations.

“I’m excited to join WFEO and its many members from around the world in helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” ABET CEO Dr. Michael K. J. Milligan said. “Our focus is on developing the next generation of leaders and problem solvers through excellence in STEM education. The results of our collective work will address the many complex challenges facing our planet.”

 As an affiliate member of WFEO, ABET gains access to international forums, conferences and workshops where engineering organizations share their expertise, experiences and research findings. This opportunity for knowledge exchange ensures that ABET remains at the forefront of advancements in engineering education, enabling it to continually improve its accreditation standards and processes.

“ABET’s affiliate membership of WFEO is a testament to our dedication to assuring confidence through maintaining the highest standards of engineering education and accreditation,” Milligan said.

IGIP, a renowned international society dedicated to engineering pedagogy, has been at the forefront of promoting excellence in engineering education for over 45 years. With its vast network of members and partners, IGIP provides a platform for collaboration, research and professional development in engineering education.

“We are excited to partner with ABET in our shared mission of enhancing engineering education,” IGIP President Tiia Rüütmann said. “This collaboration will enable us to leverage our collective knowledge and resources to shape the future of engineering education and promote a global culture of excellence.”

By leveraging their respective strengths, ABET and IGIP both aim to drive continuous improvement in engineering education, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to address complex global challenges captured in the SDGs.

With these new partnerships, ABET strengthens its commitment to building a better world — one that is safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more sustainable.


ABET is a nonprofit organization that accredits college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology. Our approach, the standards we set and the quality we guarantee, inspires confidence in those who aim to build a better world — one that is safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more sustainable.

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