We are currently seeking nominations for an At-Large Director to serve on our Board of Directors.

We invite you to submit nominations by including the name, contact information and CV/biography of the candidate. Please confirm the willingness of the nominee to be considered, as well as their eligibility based on the requirements below. Nominations should be emailed to governance@abet.org by January 7, 2021.

ABET At-Large Directors are eligible to serve two 3-year terms.

At-Large Director

At-Large Directors are elected by the Board of Delegates. They are individuals of trust, responsibility and recognition within the communities of Higher Education and Industry/Government, respectively. Their qualifications and terms of service are defined in the Bylaws.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary duty of an ABET Board Director is to serve as a member of the ABET Board of Directors, the governing body of ABET. In performance of this function, directors are expected to deliberate and act during a Committee of the Whole by consensus (usually a majority vote) during a properly called and noticed meeting with a quorum present.

The ABET Board of Directors establishes the strategic direction for the organization and oversees the implementation of ABET’s Strategic Plan. It approves changes to the ABET Constitution, Bylaws and Board of Director Rules of Procedure. It adopts policies and approves programs and initiatives to support its purposes. The Board of Directors reviews accreditation criteria for appropriateness and decides appeals of accreditation decisions. It also approves the annual budget and fees, the assessment formula and financial policies. 

Our Board typically meets in person twice per year (spring and fall) and by teleconference in the summer and winter. In addition, At-Large Directors must be available for travel to Baltimore and other US locations as required. This position is non-paying, but travel expenses for all Board activities are reimbursed by ABET.


ABET expects that all members of the ABET Board will: 

  1. Act in the best interests of ABET;
  2. Attend up to four ABET Board of Directors meetings per year, and additional meetings as may be required by their position;
  3. Be informed about the affairs of ABET by reading all informational material provided with board meeting agendas and relevant ABET literature;
  4. Be informed about issues facing ABET and provide input to the strategic planning process;
  5. Serve on committees and task groups as requested by the ABET President.
  6. Board of Directors members are required to participate in New Board Member Orientation prior to assuming a seat on the Board of Directors.


In order to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of an ABET Director, ABET expects that all directors will: 

  1. Possess good listening skills;
  2. Make reasonable inquiry when the need to do so is indicated, and objectively use the information received;
  3. Possess good interpersonal skills, conduct Board activities in an objective and professional manner and work effectively on a team of individuals possessing diverse experience, perspectives and personalities;
  4. Handle confidential information in a prudent manner; and abide by the ABET Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy;
  5. Possess good oral communication skills and be able to present points of view in a public setting in a concise and effective manner;
  6. Be prompt in discharge of duties and tasks and be conscientious in meeting established deadlines.