Baltimore – In light of Inside Higher Ed’s article, Watered-Down Gen Ed for Engineers? (June 26), we would like to clarify that, while we welcome the vigorous discussions prompted by the article, conversations about potential changes to our Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) criteria are only in the very early stages.

At this time, it is important to underscore that we are at least two years (fall 2017) away from seeing any changes and if these changes are approved, they will be phased in.  During the first year, only programs who volunteer will be evaluated against the new criteria.

As always, we at ABET remain committed to engaging in a clear communication process that reaches key stakeholders in our community and encourage all to submit their comments to our Criteria Committee via our website. The EAC Criteria Committee is meeting on July 15 and comments may be placed on the ABET website at any time.

Danielle Baron, 410.347.7729


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