At the ABET Governance Meetings on October 29, 2016, the Engineering Area Delegation decided to release the proposed changes to EAC Criteria 3 & 5 for public review and comment. This gives the EAC Criteria Committee another opportunity to get constituent feedback that can be used to ensure the proposed changes are as clear, effective, and inclusive as possible.

In its last phase of feedback gathering, The EAC Criteria Committee considered feedback from over 250 individuals. The comments largely focused on the definition of design, lifelong learning, and emphasized diversity and inclusion.

Based on those insights the committee has:

  • Expanded the definition of “design” and clarified that public health and safety, global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors must be considered.
  • Required students to “recognize the ongoing need to acquire new knowledge, to choose appropriate learning strategies, and to apply this knowledge.” (this change was based on a variety of feedback and extensive discussions with industry)
  • Rewrote sections on collaborating and working in teams to amplify the need for students to function in, and create, diverse and inclusive environments.

Review the proposed changes in their entirety and then submit your feedback.

This graphic shows where the proposed revisions are in our review process:


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