During our July Commission Meetings, the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) approved proposed revisions to CAC Criteria 3 and 5shown in this side-by-side comparison. The proposal will now be recommended to the Computing Area Delegation in October.

Developed over three years, the proposed revisions were written by the CAC Criteria Committee – 13 members representing CAC and CSAB. In the process, the committee engaged the computing community through numerous conference and workshop presentations as well as several surveys with over 100 respondents providing detailed critiques of previous drafts.

What happens next? If the Computing Area Delegation approves the criteria proposal it will likely be released for public review and comment. This allows an opportunity for the committee to consider comments submitted by the public, while working towards the goal of developing a final version of the computing criteria that meets the needs of all constituencies.

The full process is captured in the graphic below:

Accreditation Criteria 3 and 5 Flowchart


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