Note: An update to the following will be provided August 2017.

On October 28, 2016, the Computing Area Delegation met at ABET’s annual Governance Meetings. During the meeting the delegation approved significant changes to Computing Accreditation Commission Criteria 3 & 5 and the program criteria for Computer Science, Information Technology and Information Systems.

These changes, implemented by the CAC Criteria Committee, largely focused on more closely aligning CAC Criteria 3 & 5 with the criteria revisions that are currently being worked on by the Engineering Accreditation Commission. The proposed CAC changes are currently online for your review in two formats:

  1. A description of the motivation behind these changes with marked-up criteria changes
  2. and a side-by-side comparison of the current and proposed CAC criteria

The proposed CAC criteria are open for public review and comment until the CAC meets again in July 2017.

Significant changes to the CAC Criteria include:

  • Creating five required student outcomes that all computing programs must assess
  • Reorganizing the criteria into a structure that is consistent with our other three commissions
  • Revising all of the program criteria to capture the latest work on defining the content and boundaries of the various computing curricula
  • Strengthening the Curriculum Criterion, Criterion 5, by adding a requirement to include information assurance and security principles and practices

This graphic shows where the proposed revisions are in our review process:



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