Changes to the Accreditation Criteria – General Criterion 2: Program Educational Objectives

Definitions of a Program Educational Objective and related terms have changed for all commissions. [Read the Accreditation Criteria]


  • The definition of a Program Educational Objective previously included “career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve.” Note that phrasing has changed to “what graduates are expected to attain within a few years of graduation.”
  • This new language allows your program more latitude in expressing Program Educational Objectives and emphasizes measuring attainment after graduation.
  • Keep in mind that ABET doesn’t expect all graduates to attain all Program Educational Objectives.


  • Programs should see if their current Program Educational Objectives can determine attainment in accordance with the latest definitions of assessment and evaluation.
  • If the Program Educational Objectives do not fit the latest definitions available in the criteria, the program should make adjustments to these statements as soon as possible. This will reduce shortcomings during future reviews.