Self-Study Report

The Self-Study Report is the primary document your program uses to demonstrate its compliance with all applicable ABET criteria and policies. The Self-Study is the foundation for the review team’s judgment of whether the program meets our criteria for accreditation. It addresses all paths to completion of the degree, all methods of instructional delivery used for the program, and all remote location offerings.

The process of preparing a Self-Study Report takes approximately a year and is expected to encompass both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the strengths and limitations of the program. We recommend that programs become familiar with the information requested in the Self-Study Questionnaire well before submitting a Request for Evaluation (RFE).

The program must provide one copy of the completed Self-Study Report to ABET Headquarters by July 1 following an RFE submission. The program will then be asked to provide copies to each member of its accreditation review team.

Self-Study Report vs Interim Report

A program prepares a Self-Study Report for an initial review and again every six years for the required general, comprehensive review.

If a program is required to have an Interim Review, a Self-Study Report is not required. Instead, the program prepares an that focuses on addressing the shortcomings identified during the previous review. An Interim Report is also due July 1 following an RFE submission.

For more detail about Interim Reviews, please see Decision and Notification.

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