ABET will review all complaints from any source, including students, against either an accredited program or ABET itself.

Limit of ABET’s Authority

ABET cannot insert itself into institutional issues regarding faculty, professional staff, or student rights. ABET does not mediate individual grievances against a program or institution.

Complaint Process

  • Complaints must be written and signed.
  • Complaints are acknowledged within 14 days.

The Chief Executive Officer determines if the complaint is within ABET’s scope.

  • If not, the complainant is notified and no further action is taken.
  • If yes, the Chief Executive Officer notifies the complainant and forwards the complaint to the appropriate ABET personnel within 14 days. An investigation is launched.

For details, please see Section II.M., “Complaints,” in the current Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual.


Please contact the Accreditation Department.