Revisits & Appeals

Re-Visits, Reconsiderations & Appeals

If your program has completed the accreditation process and received a final accreditation action of Not-to-Accredit (NA), you have the option to request an immediate re-visit, reconsideration, or appeal.


You can make a request for reconsideration if your program can demonstrate that major, documented errors of fact led to an inappropriate NA decision.

Immediate Re-Visits

An accreditation team can immediately re-visit your program if, by the time it received the NA action, you have already taken significant documented steps toward removing the deficiency that led to that decision.


The option to appeal is available in one of the following circumstances:

  • Your program can demonstrate that major, documented errors of fact were contained in the information used by the responsible commission at the time of the not-to-accredit decision. You can base your appeal on the grounds that the NA decision was inappropriate because of errors of fact or failure to conform to ABET’s criteria, policies, or procedures.
  • Your program’s request for an immediate re-visit is denied.
  • Your program’s request for reconsideration is denied.

For more detailed information on appeals, reconsiderations, or immediate revisits, please see Section II.L Appeals, Reconsiderations, and Immediate Re-Visits in the current Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual.