Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award

About the Award

The Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award honors an individual whose rare commitment and enduring impact has made ABET a better organization.

For this reason, a Grinter Award recipient may not be chosen every year, only when the discernable influence of one ABET Expert’s tenure warrants singular recognition. Their achievements are not year-to-year, they span decades and have shaped the course of our work.

The award is our highest honor and the contributions of its recipients define our organization.

Linton E. Grinter

Linton E. Grinter

In 1972, Dr. Linton E. Grinter received the first Distinguished Service Award from ABET’s predecessor, the Engineer’s Council for Professional Development (ECPD). To convey the lasting impact that his achievements would have, the award was immediately renamed in his honor.

Dr. Grinter was an outstanding leader, as a member of ECPD and as an academic. Among his many achievements, he chaired the committees that produced three reports that have had major effects on engineering education: (1) the 1945 Manual of Graduate Study in Engineering; (2) the groundbreaking 1955 Report of the Committee on Evaluation of Engineering Education, now known as “The Grinter Report” —a major work in the development of engineering curricula that outlines specific objectives for both the technical and humanities areas of study necessary for future engineers; and (3) the 1972 Report on Engineering Technology Education.

His professional career spanned over 50 years and included many awards and honors from his peers. From 1963-1967, Dr. Grinter served as Vice President and President of the ECPD. His powerful insight into the future of the engineering profession was not merely felt by the ECPD and the engineering education of his time; his enduring legacy continues to shape our work throughout technical education and across the globe.

Recipients of the Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award are ABET Experts who follow in Grinter’s footsteps, surpassing the highest expectations of effort and commitment. It is our organization’s highest honor.


2018 Winner

Lawrence G. Jones

Lawrence G. Jones has been a part of computing accreditation since the very beginning.

Serving as department chair at the US Air Force Academy, his program was the first CSAB ever evaluated. Jones assisted in the merger between CSAB and ABET, as an inaugural member of the Computing Accreditation Commission.

Now a Fellow of both organizations, his longstanding commitment over the last 30 years has improved STEM education and accreditation.

Jones attended the University of Arkansas, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering.

After graduating, he joined the Air Force, where he developed his computing skills. He used these skills to teach at the Academy, eventually becoming head of the department, and, as a member of ACM, IEEE and CSAB, setting the stage to become a leading force in accreditation.

Jones was awarded many professional opportunities during his Air Force career, including an academic sponsorship to earn his doctorate in computer science at Vanderbilt. He and his family also spent time living overseas while he worked in The Hague, supporting automated command and control systems for the allied powers in Europe.

Now retired, he has over 50 years of experience in software development, management, research and education. Yet, he still uses his expertise to advance the international reach of accreditation and improve the strategy, functionality and operations of ABET. Not only was he on the Board of Directors for eight years, but he served as ABET President from 2015 to 2016.

Jones’ service has been vital in shaping the organization as we know it today. His work leading councils and committees has resulted in the harmonization of criteria across disciplines, a streamlined governance structure, and a new set of strategic priorities.

These priorities include staying current with new developments in the field. While on the Ex-Com, Jones assisted in bringing information technology into the commission, chairing the first pilot visit for IT programs. Now, he’s working on developing two year cybersecurity criteria.

Jones also serves on the Global Council and has used his expertise to mentor international engineering accreditation authorities.

In addition to his professional societies, Jones is also a member of the American Alpine Club. He’s summited over 300 different peaks, including climbs in the Alps and the highest mountains of Colorado. In his downtime, Jones performs duets on the clarinet with his harpist wife.

Throughout all of his ABET engagements, colleagues have lauded his consensus-building and diplomacy. His achievements will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the organization.

For these outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication, we honor Lawrence G. Jones with the Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award.

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