Criterion 3 Revision Timeline

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EAC starts to harmonize criteria across the four ABET commissions. Creates Criterion 3 task force within the EAC Criteria Committee.

Criterion 3 task force identifies additional stakeholders to gain a broader perspective on interpretation and potential impacts on changing Criterion 3.

EAC surveys PEVs in 2010-11 cycle at the request of task force. Surveys report shortcomings in areas related to outcomes, assessment, and evaluation.

Task force reaches out to gain additional input from members of ABET’s Industry Advisory Council (IAC) and Academic Advisory Council (AAC) and presents at several Member Societies’ meetings. Sends emails and letters to stakeholders requesting input.

Criterion 3 task force presents findings to EAC Criteria Committee and full EAC in July. Task force completes its work and transfers it to EAC Criteria Committee for continuation.

For the first time in ABET history, EAC Executive Committee releases draft of potential revisions to gain public comment before requesting Board of Directors approval. Due to the significance of the changes and potential impact, the EAC adopts a non-standard practice and the distribution is wide.

Spring: ABET receives more than 100 comments.  Further discussions result in the addition of a seventh topic area reflecting teamwork and elements of project management.  Other changes incorporated as well.

  • Summer: Criteria Committee presents proposed changes to EAC for adoption. EAC approves changes and prepares documentation for presentation to the Engineering Area Delegation.
  • Fall: EAC leadership presents proposed changes to the Engineering Area Delegation. Changes are approved at first reading and released for public review and comment. Deadline for comments set for June 30, 2016 to allow the Criteria Committee to integrate these comments and prepare an updated proposal to present at the EAC meeting on July 15, 2016.

Spring/Fall: Comments on the EAC Criteria 3 and 5 proposal are categorized, summarized and evaluated for potential incorporation. This results in some modifications to the criteria proposal, which is then submitted by the EAC Criteria Committee to the full Engineering Accreditation Commission. The EAC approves this revised proposal and therefore recommends it to the Engineering Area Delegation for further action in October.

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