ABET Councils

Accreditation Council

Our Accreditation Council formulates and recommends to our leadership, policies and procedures regarding accreditation activities. Its mission is to improve processes and promote uniformity across the Accreditation Commissions.

Harold Grossman, Chair

Jamie Rogers, Global Council Chair

Robert D. Soule, Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission Chair

J. Torey Nalbone, Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission Chair-Elect

Hamid Fonooni, Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission Past-Chair

Amanda Reid, Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Donna Reese, Computing Accreditation Commission Chair

John L. Schnase, Computing Accreditation Commission Chair-Elect

James H. Aylor, Computing Accreditation Commission Past-Chair

Arthur L. Price, Computing Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Ann L. Kenimer, Engineering Accreditation Commission Chair

Jeffrey R. Keaton, Engineering Accreditation Commission Chair-Elect

John A. Orr, Engineering Accreditation Commission Past-Chair

M. Dayne Aldridge, Engineering Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Winston Erevelles, Engineering Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Douglas R. Bowman, Engineering Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Susan Conry, Engineering Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Scott C. Dunning, Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission Chair

James A. Lookadoo, Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission Chair-Elect

Kirk Lindstrom, Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission Past-Chair

Frank Hart, Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission Staff Liaison

Joe Sussman, Staff Liaison

Jane Emmet, Staff Liaison

Ellen L. Stokes, Staff Liaison

Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council (AAC) provides our leadership with access to academic viewpoints on issues of accreditation involving applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology education.

It also guides our organization in matters affecting the relevant professions, reactions to proposed programs, procedures, and policies as they relate to the education sector of our constituencies. The AAC also works as a communication channel between us and the academic community.

Through increased participation at all levels of our organization, AAC members develop and implement mechanisms to engage diverse audiences of the academic community in our accreditation activities.

Jeffrey L. Ray, Chair
Dean and Professor, College of Engineering and Technology
Western Carolina University

Debra Larson, Vice Chair
California State University, Chico

Emily Allen, Diversity Task Force Chair
Dean of College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
California State University, Los Angeles

Ron McKean
Dean of Engineering Technology
Ferris State University

Arthur Overholser
Senior Associate Dean of Engineering
Vanderbilt University

Charles Isbell
Senior Associate Dean of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

James Garrett, Jr.
Dean of Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

David Tomasko
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and Services
The Ohio State University

Ken Burbank
Chair, School of Engineering Technology
Purdue University

Keith Johnson
Chair, Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media
East Tennessee State University

James Zhang
Kettering University

Fred Barlow
Dean of Engineering
University of Alaska-Anchorage

Tim Wei
Dean of Engineering
University of Nebraska

Molly Gribb
Dean of College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Jaime Bonilla Rios
Associate Dean for the National School of Engineering and Science
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Ken Ball
Dean, Volgenau College of Engineering
George Mason University

Keith Bowman
Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Maryland – Baltimore County

Global Council

The Global Council (GC) advises our Board on policies and procedures to enhance our global presence. This includes participation in new mutual recognition agreements (MRAs), memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and substantial equivalency recognition of educational programs outside of the U.S.

Jamie Rogers, Chair
Regents’ Outstanding Teacher, Professor & Associate Chair
Industrial & Mfg. Systems Engineering,
University of Texas at Arlington

Phillip J. Brown
Systems Engineering Associates

Dianne Chong
VP of Assembly, Factory and Support Technologies,
Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology
The Boeing Company

Steven M. Cramer
Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

David K. Holger
Associate Provost for Academic Programs
Dean of the Graduate College
Iowa State University

Lawrence G. Jones
Distinguished Principal Researcher
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of
Carnegie Mellon University

John H. Koon
John H. Koon & Associates
Environmental Engineers

Thomas A. Lenox
Executive Vice President Emeritus
American Society of Civil Engineers

Kenneth E. Martin
Professor, School of Computing
University of North Florida

Irving P. McPhail
President and Chief Executive Officer
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. (NACME)

Wladimir “Walt” Norko
VP of CM Professional Practice

Thomas W. Peterson
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and Professor
University of California-Merced

S.K. Ramesh
Dean and Professor of ECE
California State University, Northridge
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Scott Teare
New Mexico Tech/Electrical Engineering Department

Daniela Iacona, Staff Liaison
Senior Manager-International Relations and Board Operations

Michael Milligan, Staff Liaison
Executive Director

Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) provides ABET leadership with the perspectives of major employers on accreditation policy issues, works with company leaders to develop channels for program evaluator recruitment from industry and acts as an advocate for the meaning and value of ABET accreditation to major technical employers and other key ABET stakeholders.

Ronald Hinn, Jr., Chair
Vice President, Training

Jeffrey Abell, Vice-Chair
Engineering Group Manager
General Motors Company

Suzanne M. Beckstoffer
Newport News Shipbuilding

Craig Berry
Senior Vice President & Chief Information
Siemens PLM Software

Edward Calusinski
IBM Distinguished Engineer

Amine Chigani
CTO & VP, Software Engineering
Sentient Science

Michael Creed
Chairman of the Board
McKim & Creed

Michael Foss
Logistics Optimization, Compliance and Controls
Amazon Transportation Services

Wahid Hermina
Senior Manager
Sandi National Laboratories

Richard Hope
Senior Vice President, Water Technical Practice Leader

Navid Jam
Mandiant, a FireEye Company

Jon D. Ness
President, Director of Engineering
RFA Engineering

Anand Raman
Vice President Technology and Operations
Climax Molybdenum Company

Robert P. Rizzieri
Deputy Chief
Engineering and Construction Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Garry Roedler
Senior Fellow, Engineering Outreach Program Manager
Lockheed Martin Corporation

James Ruddell
Vice President
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Brian Ruestow
Operations Manager
F.W. Roberts Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Janice Zdankus
Vice President, Customer Experience & Quality Knowledge Management
Hewlett-Packard Company

Charles Hickman, Staff Liaison
Chief Constituent Relations Officer