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To become an ABET program evaluator (PEV), you must be nominated by one of our professional and technical societies. For this reason, current or pending membership in one of the societies is required before you submit your application to become a PEV candidate.

What are the characteristics of a successful program evaluator?

  • Membership in an ABET professional or technical society
  • A genuine interest in improving technical education worldwide.
  • Formal education and degree(s) appropriate to the profession.
  • Some experience with quality improvement processes is helpful.
  • Ability to work in a team-based environment.
  • Ability to participate in program evaluator training.

To determine if being a PEV is right for you, read the full version of the Program Evaluator Competency Model.

Become a part of a community of thought leaders who are dedicated to improving technical education
  • Before you begin your application.

    Please have the following information available before beginning the online application.

    1. Your individual membership number in each member society for which you are seeking to be nominated as a program evaluator. Please check to make sure that you meet any additional society-specific requirements.
    2. An electronic version of your current resume or curriculum vitae.
    3. Contact information for three references that can validate your professional history if required by your society.
    4. The ABET accreditation commission you wish to serve, based upon your education and professional background.
  • The program evaluator selection cycle.

    After completing the application, your information will be forwarded to the member society or societies for which you are seeking nomination as a program evaluator. Each society reviews applications on an annual basis and nominates the number of candidates needed to fill its accreditation responsibilities during the following accreditation cycle. Applicants selected by their society participate in our program evaluator training. To review the time commitment for program evaluator training and service, see Make a Difference.

  • Society-specific qualifications and ABET training.

    In addition to the ABET application, some member societies also maintain additional eligibility guidelines, application deadlines, and selection procedures. Before you begin your application, make sure you meet all society-specific program evaluator qualifications. Once you are selected by your member society, you will participate in program evaluator candidate training. Candidates who successfully complete PEV training are added to a pool of program evaluators maintained by each society. Assignments to program review teams are made in the summer as needed to fulfill responsibilities during that year’s accreditation cycle.

  • Apply now.

    The program evaluator application takes a total of 90 minutes to complete.  If you need to pause, you can save your work and return at any time to finish. As part of the application process, you’ll receive a User ID and password that you’ll use to return to your application, update your information, and manage your profile in our database. You’ll first be asked to read and agree to the ABET Conflict of Interest Policy and the ABET Code of Conduct. After agreeing, you’ll begin the application process.

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