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Knowledge for Accreditation and Program Assessment

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Our events, workshops, webinars, and accreditation-related materials are an invaluable professional development resource. Deepen your understanding of the assessment of adult learning and the accreditation process. Build up your professional network and share your knowledge with experts in the ABET community.

Many of our events are eligible for Professional Development Hours (PDHs) toward professional licensing or certification.

If you reside outside the United States, we can provide documentation to assist with your visa application to attend one of our events in the U.S.

Upcoming Workshops & Events
  • 04/12/18

    2018 ABET Symposium >

    The Symposium is our flagship event for accreditation, assessment and the global exchange of best practices in STEM education. Build your network. Learn new strategies. And share ideas with…
  • 07/21/17

    Fundamentals of Program Assessment >

    This one-day workshop is for those who are new to program assessment. The interactive sessions focus on designing program educational objectives, making student outcomes measurable, creating rubrics,…