Accreditation Outside the U.S.

ABET’S International Role

We respect the autonomy of each nation’s higher education quality assurance organization and do not interfere with existing or future accreditation activities in countries outside the U.S.

We take an active role in the global quality assurance process for technical education programs through numerous agreements with organizations worldwide. These include Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). Please read about ABET’s international activities for detailed information about MRAs and MOUs.

We will conduct an accreditation review outside the U.S. only with explicit permission from all applicable national education authorities in that program’s country or region. In order to seek accreditation by ABET, programs outside of the U.S. must have each appropriate education authority, recognition, or accreditation agency complete a Request for Approval form to be submitted with the formal Request for Evaluation.

The ABET accreditation process for programs located outside of the United States (U.S.) is identical to the accreditation process for programs within the U.S.

Accreditation Costs

For detail on accreditation costs, see the Fee Schedule for programs outside the U.S.

Language Requirements

  • A program seeking accreditation in a country where English is not the native language must provide its program name both in English and in the native language. English translation of a program name should be based on the technical content, not the literal translation of the program name, so that ABET can designate the appropriate accreditation commission(s) and determine the applicable criteria.
  • Official transcripts must be provided in English or come with a certified/official English translation.
  • The self-study report and other documents provided to the review team must be in English.
  • Programs must be able to prepare for and receive a visiting review team conducting activities in English. All visit activities will be conducted in English.

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If you have questions about accreditation for programs outside the U.S., please contact our Accreditation Department.